We will be changing up our night shoot program for 2020 and beyond. We will have a total of 6 shoots from Nov-Mar. Most will take place on Saturdays but could change to Friday depending on weather and Board approval.  Cost of each match is $20. All new shooters must take a competency test with one of our instructors/RSO’s to proceed. All members are welcome to come and watch at no cost. You will be given a specific color glow stick as a visitor/watcher.

Several RSO’s and certified NRA instructors will be on the range for each night. First shoot will be a beginner in November along with the experienced shooters helping new shooters. Info on beginner/advanced shoots will be posted on Facebook and our calendar as they are decided. All new shooters will need to come to at least one beginner shoot to be considered for advanced. The beginner will need to pass a knowledge/skill test with a certified instructor before approval.  The night shoots will take over the rifle range at 3pm in order to set up and begin between 4pm and 5pm. Shooting is allowed to continue until 10pm. All shooters will need to sign a one time waiver to participate.

Suggested Gear needed for beginners
Eye and hearing protection
Pistol with light
Carbine with light
100rds + for pistol
100rds + for rifle/carbine
3 magazines for each weapon
Plate carrier/Vest suggested but not mandatory
Cold weather gear for temps down to 10degress
Head lamp/handheld light

Advanced shooters
Eye and hearing protection
Pistol and carbine
200rds + for both
3 magazines for each(will need 3 for sure)
Belt holster, drop leg, etc with ability to holster with a light.
(SERPA push button to unlock holsters are a no-go)
Cold weather gear
Plate carrier/vest suggested
Bump/Ballistic helmets suggested
Hand held light
Nod/Nvg suggested but not mandatory

For additional information contact “Doc” the Night Shoot Director at danieldougherty1@gmail.com