Match Times

Registration will begin at 9:00 am through 3:00 pm on the match dates, match will begin at 9:30 am

Course of fire

10 shots on chickens 10 shots on pigs 10 shots on turkeys and 10 shots on Rams for a 40 shot match, With all shooters starting on chickens.

NRA Approved matches in Cowboy lever action CLA , 50,100,150,200 meters

Cowboy pistol caliber PC 40,50,75,100 meters

Cowboy Small bore SB 40,50,75,100 meters

And Hunters Pistol


All targets will be painted white

Entry fees

Entry fee will be $7.00 a round


All NRA silhouette rules and classifications will be followed

General information

There will be separate targets and a bench for shooters to use for sighters before they shoot for score, all range commands must be followed.

If you have a rifle you wish to use but does not meet the NRA criteria for a Silhouette rifle you may shoot it in our “club rifle” class pending approval By the range officers, these scores are not NRA registered.

Contact Information

For directions or other match info please contact

Matt Pavlik: 724-900-3523


Adam Siemianowski: 412-680-5091