Hours: 9 AM to dusk on scheduled days (reference the calendar)

The Rosedale Sportsmen’s Association rifle range has a maximum range of approximately 325 yards. The pavilion has 5 benches for benchrest shooting, and an additional bench has been installed for 325 yard shooting.

The outdoor range is open to any member and their guest. The outdoor range is closed when there is a club sanctioned shoot, when the Trap and Skeet ranges are in use or when maintenance is being done. Please check the schedule for details.

Please observe the fundamental NRA rules for safe gun handling:

  • Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction

  • Always Keep your finger off the trigger until the intent to fire

  • Always keep the gun unloaded until ready to use

  • NO handling of firearms while people are downrange!!

Targets – The only authorized targets for the outdoor range are paper, steel targets designed for shooting, polymer ballistic targets, and clay birds. NO exceptions! Plastic bottles, paint cans, glass bottles, etc are not to be used; this is for the safety of people walking and driving on the range, as well as for the machinery used to cut the grass. If you are found using an unauthorized target, you will be asked to clear it from the range and place it back in your vehicle. Please keep the range cleaner than you found it.

New metal target stands are available for your use! All you need is a stapler, cardboard backer, and your targets! Metal stands are the property of Rosedale, please leave stands under pavillion when finished using them. They are not to be shot up / destoryed, or taken from the range! Let’s keep them intact and in service for a long time!